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If a truck or a coach is stranded abroad, it is not always possible for the vehicle to return to the Netherlands under its own power. Joh. van der Zand takes over the coordination and execution of the transport from you. We ensure, in consultation with you, that the vehicle is quickly and promptly repatriated. We determine for every situation what equipment we must use to bring the vehicle to the desired location. Of course, without causing any further damage.


Joh. van der Zand, makes a representative available, if necessary, to assess the situation on-site after an accident involving a truck or coach. We make a clear and accurate inventory of the circumstances and consequences of the accident. We arrange for you the things that must be arranged. Here you can think about repairing any damage to the verge or road surface. If required, we carry out emergency repairs or arrange repatriation. If desired, we also maintain contacts with the home front.

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