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Joh. van der Zand is a growing company specialised in recovering and transporting stranded trucks and coaches. From our premises in Waardenburg, the Netherlands, we coordinate all national and international services. The recovery team of Joh. van der Zand is made up of well-trained people. They do their job professionally, anywhere in Europe. By using our extensive national and international network, we are able to professionally and efficiently respond to the needs of our customers.

Joh. van der Zand has years of experience in coordinating national and international assistance for recoveries and repatriations. We have become well-known name in the world of transport and recovery. Insurance companies, transport companies and expertise bureaus are pleased to use the knowledge and experience of Joh. van der Zand.

Transfer of business

More than 35 years ago, Johan van der Zand founded vehicle recovery company Joh. van der Zand B.V. He and his wife Dinie worked day and night and together they built a splendid business. Johan van der Zand now takes things a bit easier. Together with his wife, he is enjoying his well-earned retirement.

Since 1 June 2015, Joh. van der Zand B.V. has been part of B.C.U. Facilitair in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The daily management of Joh. van der Zand B.V. is in the hands of Arno de Heus and Jan Kelders. They are both very experienced in the transport and vehicle recovery sector. After the company changed ownership, it has had its registered offices in Waardenburg. All of the services are now managed and coordinated from here. The vehicle recovery team of Joh. van der Zand consists of a team of well trained technical personnel who have extensive knowledge and experience. We are used to professionally carrying out our job anywhere in Europe and far beyond. It goes without saying that you can expect the quality that you are used to from Joh. van der Zand. We are ready to help you 24/7.

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