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International salvage in Belgium

The recovery of heavy vehicles including trucks and coaches is a job for specialists. Using its expert knowledge, Joh. van der Zand coordinates the recovery of heavy vehicles in Belgium.

Professional partners in Belgium
In addition to our own team, we can rely, both nationally and internationally, on a very extensive and professional network of vehicle recovery companies and hauliers. This allows us to efficiently, so without unnecessary delay or additional costs, offer solutions to stranded vehicle combinations.

Joh. van der Zand coordinates vehicle recovery operations from its premises in Waardenburg, the Netherlands. Based on the situation, we determine what needs to happen to help drivers and their vehicles back on the road quickly. We recover the vehicle ourselves or call in a local vehicle recovery and transport company. These companies have built up years of experience. They have been selected based on professionalism and reliability. Due to our knowledge of the market and the quality of our network, you are guaranteed quick help against good conditions.

Accidents involving cargo require additional attention. Often strict conditions are linked to the cargo's delivery. And in many cases, the value of the cargo can exceed the amount of material damage by far. Joh. van der Zand has the knowledge and experience to act effectively, also in this situation. After all, it is important to act quickly and decisively. Even more so, when hazardous substances, livestock or perishables are concerned.

We coordinate, often in consultation with a cargo expert of the insurance company, the recovery and the transhipment of the cargo. We ensure that any cargo that is involved is handled professionally. Our approach guarantees that this is done soundly and safely, taking into account the environment and the traffic conditions. You can trust that we do our utmost to transport the cargo further while limiting the damage.

Our fleet
Joh. van der Zand is one of the largest vehicle recovery companies in the Netherlands. We have available approximately ten heavy-duty recovery vehicles that are fully equipped for recovering and repatriating heavy vehicles (> 3,500 kg).

Our recovery vehicles are equipped with a powerful crane. This makes them suitable for towing all types of trucks and coaches without inflicting (further) damage. The system operates hydraulically. The crane is connected via a system developed by Joh. van der Zand, VDZ, to the truck, tractor unit or coach. The vehicle is then lifted and is ready to be transported. The recovery or transporting of a semi-trailer or trailer, due to the specially constructed crane, is also possible.

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