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Revendication, the reclaiming of a stolen vehicle, requires careful handling. In Europe, Joh. van der Zand, together with Insurance Europe Service arranges the 'reclaiming' of stolen vehicles. We remain in close contact with the parties involved (local police and authorities, the customer and the insurance company) regarding the reclaim.

Joh. van der Zand claims the vehicle. Then we start the coordination of its repatriation. The vehicle is thoroughly inspected and checked in the Netherlands. This means that we also check its identity using the chassis number. If this number proves to have been tampered with, we have the vehicle investigated by the Permanent Auto Team (PAT) from the police and the RDW. If this investigation also demonstrates that the chassis number has been tampered with, we can make an appointment with the RDW to arrange the re-stamping of the number. As a result, the value of the vehicle will increase.

Joh. van der Zand offers customers who want to sell the vehicle this option via Hofstede Auctions. Selected traders can bid to buy the vehicle. After the bidding ends and the purchase amount has been paid, the file will be closed. The customer can follow the sales process online.

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