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Arno de Heus passed away

It is with extreme sadness that we are sharing the news that our much respected and beloved colleague Arno de Heus passed away very unexpectedly.

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Vehicle recovery Joh. van der Zand

Joh. van der Zand is one of the largest international vehicle recovery companies in the Netherlands. We recover and repatriate stranded trucks and coaches that suffer from a technical problem or have been involved in an accident. In Europe and far beyond.

The advantages of our company at a glance : ­

  • Speed of action.
  • Support centers in many European countries.
  • Expertise possibilities immediately after an accident or damage on site.
  • Damage limitation through technical expertise.
  • Various modes of transport.
  • Ample transport capacity.
  • Emergency repairs on site possible through well-equipped storage trolleys.

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Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand

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Joh. van der Zand B.V. is veel meer dan een bergingsbedrijf. Zo vindt, waar nodig, ter plekke schade-expertise plaats. Ook wordt een schriftelijk verslag van de toestand van het aangetroffen voertuig opgemaakt, waarin opgenomen: schadebeeld, plan van aanpak, uitvoering werkzaamheden, betrokken overheden, voertuig- en verzekeringsaspecten.



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Een overzicht van een aantal van onze diensten

National and international vehicle recovery

The recovery of heavy vehicles including trucks and coaches is a job for specialists. Using its expert knowledge, Joh. van der Zand coordinates the recovery of heavy vehicles both at home and abroad.

National and international vehicle recovery


Of course, Joh. van der Zand transports cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles throughout Europe. And also far beyond. If this is required, it concerns the open transport of (new) vehicles, vessels or vehicles that have been stranded due to a breakdown.


Special en classic car transport

Transporting exclusive or classic cars including old timers requires a special approach. A very careful and discrete approach.

Special en Classic car transport

Evictions and seizures

Joh. van der Zand also carries out evictions. Here you can consider the seizure of goods on the order of bailiffs or trustees. We specialise in the seizure of mobile equipment. If required, we can also arrange the seizure of other objects.

Evictions and seizures